Pattaya score highly in Hotel Wi-Fi Test

Bangkok and Pattaya Beach have been ranked among the top 50 cities in the world for the standard of Wi-Fi provided to hotel visitors, according to a new report on international Wi-Fi quality.

The report, entitled Hotel Wi-Fi Test, determined the accessibility and quality of in room Wi-Fi in hotels all over the world.

The Hotel Wi-Fi Test put Bangkok in 22nd location, and Pattaya in 45th location, with Thailand ranked 26th general.

The report bases its rankings on 2 elements: the variety of hotels which provide adequate Wi-Fi speeds of at least 3 Mbps for downloads and 500 Kbps for uploads, as well as the ratio of hotels in the the respective cities which offers visitors free in room Wi-Fi.

According to the Hotel Wi-Fi Test, 52.5 percent of hotels in Bangkok provide sufficient Wi-Fi speeds, whereas the portion of hotels in Pattaya offering appropriate Wi-Fi speeds stands at 35.5 %.

With regards to the number of hotels offering totally free Wi-Fi, the test discovered that 73.1 per cent of hotels in Bangkok offered totally free in room Wi-Fi, as compared to 71.1 per cent of Pattaya hotels.

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